Afloop van de geldigheid van de losverklaring 2014 vanaf 30 juni 2018 / Expiration de l’attestation de déchargement 2014 à compter du 30 juin 2018 -
28 juin 2018

Expiry of the attestation of unloading 2014 with effect from 30 June 2018










The CDNI Executive Secretariat and Contracting Parties wish to inform users and the relevant authorities to the expiry of the old model attestation of unloading (appendix IV of the Implementing Regulation of the Convention) with effect from 30 June 2018.

A new model attestation of unloading was introduced in 2017 to take account of the notion of compatible transport operations, which do not require vessels to be washed between two successive cargoes.
This notion was incorporated in the Convention in addition to exclusive transport operations. They both contribute to waste prevention by reducing the use of cleaning and sweeping of the vessel between two cargoes.

The attestation of unloading 2014 can be submitted to the enforcement authorities by way of corroboration until 31 December 2018.

The model attestation of unloading 2017 (Word and PDF format) can be downloaded from the following link: